Tag Systems in JavaScript

This repl is controlled through URL parameters. Ex:


Everything after the question mark controls the system. The fields are
separated by semicolons. The fields are, in order:

- The deletion number
- The alphabet
- The productions of the alphabet in order
- The initial word

The alphabet is composed of single characters.

An exclamation point in the production means halt. The system will also
halt if there aren't enough symbols to complete another round.

This tag system computes collatz sequences based on the number of "a"s
in the rows composed only of "a"s.


This repl implements a few options for ease of viewing/mitigation of lag.

- f: Prints the tape so each position is flush with itself
- s: Iterates every 250 ms, rather than doing everything at once
- l: Similar to `s`, but only displays the current tape

These options are placed right after the deletion number.  Ex: